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Google to Rollout Android 12 in the Second Half of 2021

Google is sending the early version of Android 12 to developers to test their products and discuss discrepancies found. The actual update is expected to come in the second half of the year.

Smartphones Getting Android 12

Google is preparing to roll out Android 12. But before it gets in the commoner’s hand, the company sends the update developers to test their products with the update and discuss with Google for any discrepancies.


Android 12 is expected to officially launch in the second half of the year. And even we have a lot of time to see the actual update, we have some exciting news to share with you.

The code name for Android 12 is ‘Snow Cone’.

To start counting the features, we have WiFi at the top. With Android 12, you can connect to the same Wi-Fi as others more easily using the ‘Nearby Share’ option. Moreover, the update will change a lot in the connectivity settings. The ‘Wifi’ will be called the ‘Internet,’ and under network details, you’ll now see the simplified name for the type of Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.

Then, this update will promote the ‘Safety & emergency’ to an upper level where users could easily access it from the first page of the Settings app. Additionally, the new Emergency SOS feature will call an emergency helpline (custom SOS helpline number) when the power button is pressed five times.

On the Pixel 5, you can double-tap on the backside of your device to call Google Assistant. Not only this but you could also all Google Assistant on your Pixel 5 smartphone by just holding the power button for a few seconds.

The Android 12 will also bring the face-based autorotation system, which will use the front-facing camera of your device to understand when you’re looking at the screen and to prevent rotating.

Another feature which comes with the update is the smart forwarding feature, which allows users to forward calls between two SIM cards when one is unreachable.

There’s more which will come with this new update. However, there’s a catch – Google will roll out all these features only on its Pixel devices. For other users, they would have to rely on their relevant manufacturer.