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Google Translate App: Is Now Available In China

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Google has launched new Translate mobile apps in China, Chinese users can now access the new Google translate app without the use of proxy or unblocking software to bypass local censorship.

Google’s many services have been blocked in China due to local, Not only Google services China has also blocked other services like Twitter, and they have their local versions of famous apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Few weeks ago Bill Gates also joined famous Chinese app WeChat.

But now it looks China is becoming lenient on restrictions imposed on Tech Giants. Apple has recently announced $507 million investment in China for its R & D.

Around half of the Chinese population use mobiles for internet access, the new translate app is expected to cover larger user base. The IOS version of Google Translate is available on Apple Chinese store.

But Google is continuously directing users to download it from the direct sever which is available here.   

Earlier, users in China were only able to use this app with VPN or censorship evading software. “Although, the app was available for more than 8 years in China but it was blocked by the Government, Today we are making our app to work better for Chinese users” said Google.

Google has also confirmed that the apps will be maintained and managed by the Joint-venture in China. This joint-venture will also cooperate Chinese government in case of any requests and issues regarding censorship.

Experts are saying “Translate app is the precursor of launching Google Play Store officially in China”. China is also focusing more on technology since the last few years, previously China has also acquired Media.net, Apple investment in China and now Google services started opening can open the new doors for Tech Giants to expand in World’s most populous country.