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Google Will End Pentagon Artificial Intelligence AI Project

Diane Greene Google's top executive

Google will stop the contract to carry out artificial Intelligence AI work for U.S. Pentagon, the sources in the company said.

Google currently has a contract with U.S. Pentagon for their AI development project, but due to this project, Google’s employees were not happy being politicized and used by the authorities for their motives. Google employees had been in a state of protest for several months. The project is known as “Maven” was Pentagon’s secret project on which Google was working and helping them.

Thousands of Google’s employees have recorded a protest and signed a petition against the project “Moven” fearing that the project is the first step towards using AI for lethal purposes; however, Google has no official statement on this according to bbc.

The company sources said that top executive Diane Greene has informed staff on Friday that there would be no follow-up with Pentagon after the current contract expires in March next year.

However, there is controversy about the Google’s statement and other’s opinion. According to Kate Conger, a technology writer on Gizmodo told BBC, that Google has not canceled the “Maven” project and it has not ruled out the future work and cooperation with the military.

The contract reportedly has a worth of $10 million, which is nothing for Google but it has the potential for extensive cooperation with Pentagon. The Project Maven uses machine learning and AI to distinguish people and objects in drone videos.

4000 Google employees in April signed a petition arguing that Google’s involvement in the project makes in controversial, putting users trust at risk, Google is also ignoring ethical and moral responsibility.

According to a report by Gizmodo, high echelons at the company had severe conflicts about the effects of collaboration with Pentagon. The report says the contract was seen as a huge opportunity by various executives by there were concerns in the company about perception.