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Google will not wipe out your Android backup in 60 days

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Be careful, tech giant Google will erase your Android backup of your Android gadget if your cell phone stays inert or inactive for 60 days. Indeed, you read that right! Following two months, your Android backup information will consequently vanish. The clock begins ticking after you stay latent for two weeks. Google Drive will show the date on which your information will lapse beneath the backup. What’s more, to absolute delight, you can’t recover the information in any capacity once erased. Regardless of whether this choice is striking or amature, the truth will surface eventually.

The move to delete Android backup may want you to setup other cloud backups

There is just a single way out of this emergency and that is to continue utilizing your Android gadget time to time to check Google Drive. In the event that some way or another you neglect to check Google servers, the organization, with no earlier cautioning and warning, will wipe out your information. The same occurred with a person who changed to iPhone from Nexus 6P and after that when he endeavored to get to his backup from Nexus 6P he discovered the Google has erased his entire information, nothing remained.

Google support/help page states: “Your backup will remain as long as you use your device. If you don’t use your device for 2 weeks, you may see an expiration date below your backup, for example, expires in 54 days.”

Beside erasing clients information, the organization has quite recently declared a vital update to Google Chrome. The program won’t autoplay any video with sound in it.

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