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Google’s adding a new SafeSearch mode to its browser

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Users of Google Search are likely already acquainted with the engine’s Safe-Search filtering, which eliminates results that contain violent, sexually explicit, or other inappropriate content for minors, even on family-friendly devices. Even if you’ve disabled Safe-Search because you believe you can handle what’s online, there may still be circumstances that you can’t predict when having it perform its function would be preferable. Google will soon provide a new toggle to ensure that occurs.

Even if SafeSearch is not fully enabled, having the toggle on will automatically blur improper imagery in search results, as explained in one of today’s entries on The Keyword. Links and texts that are inappropriate will surface. Additionally, hazy photographs can be selectively restored.

This “Blur” mode is distinct from what would be referred to as the full-fledged “Filter” mode, which completely eliminates undesirable image outputs.

Generally speaking, we can see this as a useful tool in traditional office settings or during screen shares in video chats where you may be dealing with traumatic situations or unexpected results produced by innocent questions.

This toggle will be released, according to the business, “in the future months.” The new toggle will be available to Google users in their Safe-Search settings. When it is launched, Google users who have not enabled Safe-Search filtering will have the setting enabled by default. For Google users between the minimum ages of 13 and 18, Safe-Search is turned on by default.

Please keep in mind that Safe-Search isn’t perfect at deciding what content is appropriate to display and what isn’t. The Google Play Store also hasn’t exactly had a stellar history on this front.