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Google’s Live Caption is Now Available for Desktop’s Bowsers

Get the latest Chrome 89 and activate Google’s Live Caption on your desktop browsers.

Google has release Live Caption for desktop browsers with its Google Chrome 89. If you don’t have the latest Chrome already, head to download the latest chrome version.

Back in 2019, Google released the Live Caption with Android 10, which then reached Google’s Pixel handsets, and then it rolled out to all other Android devices.

This feature was first expected to roll out last February, but due to some reasons, it stayed away from desktop users.

To get this feature on your desktop browser, go to your browser’s Settings, then to Advanced settings, and head to Accessibility. The very top option is Captions, click on it, and you would be direct to another menu. The top options will set your Live Caption on or off.

One enabling the option, the browser will download some necessary files for speech recognition.

What is Live Caption?

As the name sounds, Live Caption is nothing but captions for almost every audio and video.

Some programs and platforms already have the caption features but many don’t. Google’s Live Caption is smart enough to recognize what the video or audio is saying and translates it into captions. The company “uses speech recognition algorithms to assess any audio being played in the browser and caption it live”, said the source.