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Google’s new .new domain makes it easier to create shortcuts

A year ago, Google presented .new alternate routes that made it simpler to make another Google Doc, Sheet, Slide, Site or Form – just enter the document type you wish to make into your program and tack .new onto the end. A week ago, Google carried the element to Calendar, and now it’s extending it to different sites like Spotify. Before long, any organization or association will have the option to enrol .new domain to enable their clients to begin tasks quicker.

Today, Google shared 10 .new domains. Spotify asserted Playlists.new, which gives clients a chance to make new playlists rapidly. Medium has Story.new, which makes you compose quicker, and Sell.new is an easy route of eBay dealers. Microsoft, OpenTable and Cisco Webex have their own varieties. The areas aren’t all accessible quickly, yet they will turn out on a continuous premise.

In case you’re as of now thinking up your own .new shortcuts, you can apply for .new domain starting on December second. Through January fourteenth, trademark owners can enrol their trademarked .new areas. As indicated by The Verge, sooner or later in 2020, anybody will have the option to enlist .another domain, without applying. Obviously, Google says space will be secure and served over HTTPS.

Google at first uncovered 13 .new domains, however, downsized the number to 10. The .new domains are not all accessible promptly but rather will turn out on a continuous premise.

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