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Government’s skullduggery behavior not paying prize money to the winner

The content “Mein Hun Pakistan” which was started as part of celebrating 70th independence day, had a prize money of Rs500,000 for the winner from the government of Pakistan. It was a design contest in which various participants designed their artistic logos to win the competition. Sabah Zaman was the winner of this contest but unfortunately, she didn’t receive any prize money from the government even after 2 months of conclusion.

The competition to design the best 70th independence day logo was held in the supervision Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) in Islamabad. Almost 200 people participated in the contest with 400 entries of logo submission but Sabah got the first prize which was reviled later at PNCA.

According to The Nation, the sources from the ministry of information, Broadcasting and National Heritage told them the file was pending in the ministry and the case would be approved in the next few days.

Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage announced that Sabah had won the competition and she will be awarded Rs500,000 by the government.

After the winner was announced she received a lot of criticism and threats from the competitors, they argued he design was not worth winning. She didn’t leave home for several days after the threats, some people also blamed her for stealing the design from “Shutterstock” website.

But she said, her design was checked twice by the judges, first at the time of submission and second at the time of winning the contest and it was declared as genuine by the judges.

She also said she belongs to an average family and do not have any links or contacts with the jury, government or the council which could affect the decision.

The worst part to think is; money for jalsas, security, protocol and others fritters away in minutes but paying someone who really needs it takes ages and most of the time disappears.