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Hacker Group LockBit Threatens The Security Company Entrust and its Customers

The cyber attack on security service provider Entrust was announced at the end of July and there is now news about the incident. A hacker group has acknowledged this and – if Entrust does not pay – wants to publish sensitive customer data.

That reports that Security Week Online Magazine. Accordingly, the ransomware gang LockBit has claimed responsibility for the attack on digital security giant Entrust. Access to the data is said to have taken place in June. Confirmation came from the company in late July, with Entrust saying it was investigating the incident and had found no evidence that customer data had been compromised.

While there was a report to customers of a potential vulnerability, it was superficial. It has not been disclosed what data may have been stolen and which customers have been affected.

These companies are among Entrust’s customers

The attackers now want to provide the evidence themselves. LockBit also threatens to stop being deterred and publish customer data. Entrust’s customers include companies such as Visa and Mastercard, Microsoft, VMWare, NXP, and Square. Entrust has not yet released any details about the attack or whether it was a blackmail Trojan attack. LockBit has now taken over. According to security researcher Dominic Alvieri, LockBit has set up a special Entrust data breach page on its website to publish all stolen data.

This statement is taken as an indication that Entrust has not negotiated with the cyber criminals or refuses to give in to their demands. LockBit is currently considered one of the most active and therefore most dangerous ransomware providers.

According to an analysis by Malwarebytes, there were 61 known LockBit attacks on businesses around the world in July alone. There were also indications that up to 50 percent of victims paid the ransom – again a record and mainly due to the fact that the attacks are carried out professionally.

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