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Hacker Selling High Ranking Microsoft Employee Accounts

Microsoft Employee account

A hacker managed to take over the Microsoft accounts of hundreds of employees in various corporations. The affected users are not ordinary employees, but mainly high-ranking managers. The data is now being sold.

As reported by ZDNet, the hacker offers the data set in the Russian underground forum ‘Exploit.in’. In addition to the e-mail addresses of the hacked accounts, the data record directly provides the passwords required for logging in. The ad emphasizes that the accounts primarily belong to people in the so-called C-level positions. These include managing directors (CEOs), finance managers (CFOs), and technical managers (CTOs).

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In addition to this, the hacked Microsoft accounts can also include presidents or vice presidents of a company. Other high-ranking positions are held by assistant officers and various directors.

A whopping 100 to 1500 dollars per account

The fact that the Microsoft accounts offered do not only belong to normal employees is also reflected in the price. Depending on the size of the company and the position of the account owner, the hacker charges a whopping 100 to 1500 dollars per account.

An unspecified source is said to have verified and confirmed the authenticity of the account data offered. However, it is largely unclear which companies are affected by the hack. In addition, it remains to be seen how the corresponding accounts were stolen. It is considered likely that the accounts were stolen as part of multiple attacks.