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Hackers can now clone any key just by listening to it with a smartphone

Every time a door is being opened with a key, it whispers a small, but an audible, secret. The hackers have finally learned how to listen to it to make a clone of the particular key.

According to the details, a paper has been published by the researchers at the National University of Singapore earlier this year detailing how, by using a microphone of the smartphone and software they designed, a hacker can clone the key.

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The ‘SpiKey’ software, developed by the researchers, uses the clicks made as the pins of the lock pass over the teeth of the key into narrow down the possible key shapes for a door.

The criminals or hackers can use similar software to make a clone of your key after secretly recording you with a smartphone as you unlock the door of your home—and return later having a copy of the key.

On the other hand, a team of the researchers further said that the hackers can also hijack your smartphone or smart doorbell, and use it to record the sound of the key without being physically present themselves.

It is pertinent to mention here that this kind of attack—which can potentially be used by the criminals—only works on a pin tumbler locks. The several modern locks have a feature of a cylinder or the plug inside that must be set in order for the door to be opened.