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Harry Potter AI-Generated Fanfiction is Good

Good news for the Harry Potter fans, a new chapter is brought forward but this time not by J.K. Rowling instead by AI-generated text prediction. As all the Harry Potter fans might be knowing that during the span of last two years there were releases—The Cursed Child and A Journey Through the History of Magic.

The newly created chapter is a work of Botnik Studios. It comprises of three pages and is tilted as “Harry Potter and The Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash”. The chapter was created after training an algorithmic tool on all the already present (seven) novels of the Harry Potter fantasy series. The outcome of the training is a tale with a soulless and winding plot but it is like any other good fanfiction and still portrays little imprint of Rowling’s imaginative charm.

The chapter and the predictive text program used are on GitHub—which is a work of Jamie Brew—who is an ex-writer of the Clickhole and The Onion.

The Harry Potter extract created is done with the assistance of many writers, who helped in creating sentences via a combination of algorithmic recommendations and authorial selection. Because of the involvement of multiple writers, the final form of the chapter is extraordinarily creative fanfiction.

There are certain weird parts like the point when Ron’s tap dance changes into a pile of spiders and try eating Hermione’s parents and when the dormitory door password was altered to “Beef Women”.

There are many Harry Potter fanfics exploring wild ideas—like the one presenting a pregnant Voldemort.

Fanfiction is mostly used by writers as a stepping stone for getting comfortable with writing, words, and imaginations for creating a world.

The procedure incorporated by the Botnik Studios, is referred by the company as the “collaborating with machines”, involves the mixing of the creativity of many humans along with the ridiculousness of the machines, and the results are sometimes really-super magical, I must say.

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