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Hello Velocity introduces typeface made of brand logos

A digital studio called Hello Velocity has made a typeface that grasps surely well-known corporate logos and is still in some way or another far less irritating than Comic Sans. The studio says it makes  “thought-provoking internet experiences,” and its Brand New Roman font is a clever statement on consumerism.

Each letter and number draws from a corporate logo, and a significant part of the branding will be in a split second recognizable for a significant number of us, featuring exactly how imbued these organizations are in our everyday lives.

Truth be told, recognizing each of the 76 logos makes for a fun diversion. The lowercase “a” is clearly Amazon’s branding , and the zero is Target’s logo. In the middle of, you’ll see marking from Disqus to Disney, Reece’s to Rockstar Games, and Monster Energy to McDonalds. Composing a twofold “d” gives you the Dunkin’ Donuts logo, while Hello Velocity snuck in its own particular branding instead of “hi.”

On the off chance that you’d jump at the chance to download the text style, it may be best to rush – organizations that are defensive of their brands may as of now have their corporate legal counselors drafting cease and desist letters. You can likewise introduce Chrome or Firefox modules that transform whole site pages into a logo-filled affair, however given how confusing landing pages can look with the textual style and some logos we don’t know, it is perhaps for the best that we do not pursue the act.

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