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Here are the Best E-book Reader Apps

Some people still buy e-reader devices, while others have jumped to smartphones and tablets. Some of these famous books are Apple’s and Google Play Books. Other alternative e-book reader apps which are convenient, featured-pack and extremely customized are now also in trend.

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Here are the Best E-book Reader Apps

Amazon’s Kindle app functions as a multi-platform e-book that has library management features. From free classics to the latest bestsellers are all available. Kindle can also sync the last page read, bookmarks, highlights and notes between devices. For a monthly fee, it also gives its readers audiobooks and e-books.

Another ebook not to miss out is Bookari, that was formally known as Mantano Reader. It supports EPUB and PDF formats. It has reader themes, night mode, text search, annotation, and pinnable navigation features. If you pay an additional $4.99, it will add new features and a premium subscription to Mantano Cloud.

Scribd offers a limitless program for ebook readers, that was compared to ‘Netflix for books’. It has more than five hundred thousand books from different branches of genres. It has collected editorial collections, modified recommendations that is based on reading history.

Google Play Books has now a massive level ebook reader app filed. The stronger version is of Android while Google Play addition lets you buy books. You can squeeze the typeface or the font size and line space as well. Also, the night mode does not let your eyes stress. Other interesting features include text highlighting, looking for words in dictionary and map search.

The latest updated embodiment of Overdrive’s famous digital media management system is Libby. It permits readers to borrow ebooks and audiobooks. You just must sign in with the library card. Return or lend just as easy. Further, you can preview the books from the app, streaming through them if you do not want to fill the space.