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Here is what Android P is all about

android p

Android P is available to the audience in beta form. It is receiving much praise in the programmer circle. The Android P offers gesture-based navigation and witty AI resource management that makes sure that your phone lasts longer. It will be released this year.

The software replaced the three-button navigation bar with a single home button that also reveals the recent apps and running software. Google did secretly introduced a light and dark theme in Android 8.1. This exclusive feature is not rolled out to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and devices that run stock Android. The themes for Android P are the same and you can witness them in affect in the UI. The new home-button is simple to learn on Android P but there is problem of screen area. The space for navigation in P is almost empty and will display back and rotation buttons only when needed.

You can rotate the on-screen content manually without the help of auto-rotate. There is an Android P’s rotation button, which appears in the navigation bar when the device is oriented horizontally and auto-rotate is off. This allows users to decide for themselves whether they want to view content in landscape mode, which should lead to happier late nights and early mornings. There is no quick launch for camera on the lock screen on Android P. Quick launching the camera without having to apply a fingerprint or input a PIN code is something many users rely upon to snap pictures in a pinch, so let’s hope it makes a return.

The final version of Android P is almost three months away so it is early to put Google through the ordeal of explanation. We hope that the Android P is terrific as the beta version has made it out to be.

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