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Hold App will Give Students Free Treats if they Stop using Phones

In the UK, an App called Hold is being launched that will give students rewards and free treats for the time they spent away from their phones.

This App is developed by students from Copenhagen Business School. They wanted to introduce something that will distract people from using their phones.

Hold App will give students free treats if they stop using phones.

The app has become famous in Scandinavia, as it has over 120,000 users all over Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

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The phone addiction is a growing problem all over the world. As per the study by the University of Texas in 2017 just having a smartphone within your eyeshot can minimize productivity, reduce response speed and affect grades negatively.

London School of Economics study revealed that students who do not use smartphones have 6.4% better results in their tests.

Now this Hold App is launched in 170 universities of the UK. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

So for every 20 minutes that students do not use their phones, they will get 10 points. The timing is between 07:00 to 23:00 every day of the week.

The points can be used to acquire goods and services on the apps market from brands like Amazon, Caffe Nero, Vue cinemas etc.

If the students want free coffee, they need to earn 300 points which means that for 10 hours they need to stop using their phones. For free popcorns, they must have 60 points which means two hours away from the phones.

Also, the points can be exchanged to acquire books and stationery from the university.

It is a great initiative by Hold App to control the usage of phones amongst the students but an app is being used on the phones to control phone usage, it’s quite an irony.

Technology has become the center of our lives, so much so that to control technology we need technology.