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How often should I write articles for my blog

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This question is often asked by bloggers. In novice bloggers, it occurs even more often. Many bloggers claim that there is no right answer to this question. And, to a certain extent, one can agree with them. For example, there are bloggers who write articles only once a week and achieve success. But, as a rule, these are already highly recommended authors who have their own loyal audience. And often such an audience was formed before the creation of your blog.

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So how often do you need to write articles? There is a very simple rule –quality should be more important than quantity. If you are set for the future, you should pick your pace. Not the pace of Petit or Vasya, but yours. For example, if you write three articles a week and you feel fine, your inspiration in tone is your pace. If you write seven articles and feel like a squeezed lemon, slow down. Not that you will curse the day when you first heard the word “blog”.

From time to time you need to check for “quality-quantity”. If you can confidently say that you are doing it, then you can safely increase your pace.

So, with speed, we decided. It remains, to find out what is needed for quality? First of all, you get to decide what is an ideal blog post length, this article will guide you how to choose your ideal blog post length.

Secondly, you will read further 9 critical elements to create quality content, here are the 10 tips to create better quality content, after doing that do not ever think to instantly increase blog traffic, here is the ultimate guide to quality content and traffic, stay connected with it and be patient.