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How Ryan Mcmahon Onondaga Is Helping His Community

Ryan McMahon of Onondaga is the new County Executive of Syracuse. If you’re from that area, it’s almost close to impossible that you haven’t heard about him. Before he even got into the position that he has today, he has already helped his community and still continues to do so. This man does not back out of anything, and he’s only going further from today on.

In this article, you’ll get to know how Ryan Mcmahon, the Onondaga County Executive, is helpful in his community.

1. He’s Serious About Solving Syracuse’s Poverty Problem

One of the most pressing issues in Syracuse has to do with its ongoing poverty problem. Two of the most significant issues in Syracuse is in line with poverty and decaying infrastructure. While the infrastructure is easy to solve, the underlying poverty problem is even more challenging to address.

In Syracuse, poverty is an intergenerational thing. This means that families have been in the poverty line for at least two generations or more, and are bound to get stuck in the same cycle without a solution.

McMahon’s plan to address this poverty problem is very well defined, such that:

  • He sees education as the first and most important solution to end, or at least decrease poverty.
  • He seeks to have a partnership with Syracuse University to create workforce development programs
  • He plans to focus on providing jobs to the minorities so that more of these people will have the opportunity to be gainfully employed. This address to the minorities helps the community as a whole, such that the minority is going to feel less left out – and more a part of the society to which they belong as a whole.

Visit this site to find out more about how Ryan McMahon plans to help solve the problem of poverty in this county.

2. He Has Had Some Serious Tax Reforms

On February 27th of 2019, Ryan McMahon delivered his very first State of The County Address. From here, it was gathered that McMahon has been successful at improving the economic state of the country.

For instance, in the year 2018, he has pointed out that Syracuse spent 8 million US dollars less than what had initially been budgeted to spend for that period. This means that the county was more practical with its expenditures, and the budget is still doing very well. Apart from this saving amount, there’s also an account of a 5.7 million dollar surplus, all because of the smarter investments and growth in sales tax.

These savings in expenses and surplus in revenues clearly highlight the fact that the economy in the county is booming and getting.

3. He Has Helped Unite The Community

It can be tough to unite people, especially in the field of politics. In the case of Ryan McMahon, he was also taking over a predecessor that had a hard time uniting the people of his county. When McMahon stepped in and took his place, things started getting better.

This man has an immense ability to respect the outside opinions of people that would’ve otherwise divided the nation. Without this sense of unity, the county will not be able to enjoy good progress in the community.

The locals seem to be happier in general, since taxpayers like it when their representatives are.

4. He Helped Bring Revenue Generating Investments For The County

One of the essential aspects of any county is the growth of its residents. One way of ensuring growth is making sure that the county’s investments don’t just benefit a small percentage of the population, but the entire community.

For instance, Ryan McMahon has brought in the following investments for the county:

  • Investing 6 Million US Dollars in bringing the US Bowling Conference to this part of New York, which resulted in a profitable venture. Thousands of visitors came in, so restaurants and hotel businesses were pleased. Sales tax receipts increased because there was an influx of more people within the small county.
  • Investing in the St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview. This brought in a net profit to the county of 350,000 US dollars for the last season.

Final Words

Ryan McMahon might be the next significant change that the Onondaga county in Syracuse might be looking for. With more than a decade of experience in the field of politics, you would know that this man is a man of action and well-loved by the locals. Else, he would not have stayed in politics for that long of a time.With his praise to his fellow local officials and his sincerity to care for even the marginalized and the majority, you know that this man has got service, unity, and humility on his plate.