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How to Choose the Right Domain Name Extension in 2022

Choosing a domain extension that can attract your target audience is essential to having a successful website. While there are various types to choose from, not all are suitable for your business or purpose. 

Today it’s used to make a business more credible, boost its position among competitors in the market, and attract the target audience to visit its website. This article will briefly discuss the best tips for picking domain name extensions in 2022.

What Are Domain Name Extensions?

A URL has four main components: protocol or the https://, subdomain or the www, and the unique domain name, then the .com, .net, or .org domain name extensions or the after-the-dot letters found after the domain name. Choosing the right domain name and extensions in building a website is essential because it’s what people type into their web browser search bar.

Before deciding on your domain name extension, you should know the different types of top-level domains:

  • Generic Top Level Domains or gTLD

The most recognizable and popular top-level domains usually have three characters. The best examples of this are: .com, .net, and .org extensions. Branded and other extensions such as .pharmacy, .guru, .cloud, .samsung and .toyota are also examples of gTLDs.

  • Sponsored Top Level Domains or sTLD

These are the extensions used for a particular entity like business, government branch, and other group types. The most common sTLDs in the US are .gov, .edu for education, and .mil which is used for the US military. Another well-known sTLD is the .jobs for job listings websites.

  • Country Code Top Level Domains or ccTLD

ccTLDs are the top-level domain extensions that represent a specific country or location. Because each ccTLD has its own rules, it can be restricted from being used in other organizations in the country. Most well-known ccTLDs are .co.uk for the United Kingdom, .ca for Canada, .de for Germany and .cn for China.

Get the Right Domain Name Extension

To make it easy, here are five pro tips for choosing a domain name extension for your website: 

1. Pick a Popular Domain Extension

Most URLs end in “.com” because it’s been the standard domain extension. It was for commercial sites at first until it spread to most websites across the web. 

In 2022, new domain extensions became available for any website or business:

  • .org – became the world’s 2nd most popular TLD as of June 2022, created for non-profit organizations and donations websites;
  • .net – is one of the oldest extensions initially designed to be used by networking sites;
  • .info – primarily used for purely informational websites;
  • .co – commonly used by companies, brands, corporations, and commercial ventures;
  • .us – can only be used by US citizens, corporations, and non-profit organizations registered in the United States.

2. Be Careful of Your Branding and Location

Remember that your domain extension reflects your brand. It will tell the audience your organization type, business, location, and products. Therefore, it’s critical to pick a domain extension that will match the purpose of your site. 

For local businesses, it’s best to use the country code top-level domains. It will help in building your business by geographic search.

3. Get A Cheap but Reliable Domain Registrar

One of the best tips for choosing a domain name extension is to find a reliable domain registrar at an affordable price. The registration cost will depend on the extension used, costing anywhere from $10 to $40 a year. To get value for your money, look for a domain registrar that offers a domain name generator, SSL certificates, registration or personal data privacy, and customer support.

4. Make Your Domain Extension Memorable

While domain names must be unique and easy to spell and pronounce, extensions must also be popular, trusted, and memorable. Because of these factors, .com is the best extension as 33% of 1,500 people find it more memorable than others. It is also the most trusted site extension with a 3.5 trust rating, followed by .co and .org.

5. Avoid Unknown and Suspicious Domain Extensions

Due to frequent hacking, spam, and other online issues, web users are becoming more cautious when visiting various websites. Because of this, it’s better to use well-known TLDs than new ones because they will attract a larger potential audience.

Final Words in Picking a Domain Extension

The original purpose of extensions has changed and will continue to change over time. But the letters at the end after the dot will remain an integral part of an URL. This can result in large numbers of visitors and web users or the opposite.

Remember to choose popular, reliable, affordable site extensions and registrars when building a website. Additionally, ensure the site extension will give the audience a clear impression of the purpose of your site.