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How to Create a Google My Business Account

Google my business

Google My Business lets you create a consistent and professional online presence for free. Follow our simple guide and reach new customers today!

Being successful online means getting noticed. With so many ways to get the message out, what’s the most cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy? That’s where Google My Business comes in. This online platform will get your business name out there. Whatever your reason for creating a Google My Business account, chances are you’ll want to know everything about it. And if so, this article will help you get started. 

Google My Business: what is it?

Google My Business is an extension of the Google Search Console that helps you manage, enhance, and track your online presence. With a GMB account, you can create and manage various digital assets, like your website, Google My Business listing, and reviews. You can customize digital assets to include your logo, tagline, and more so that your presence on Google is consistent and professional. 

The process of creating a Google My Business Account

Like every online business account setup, setting up a Google My Business account is straightforward. To start, visit the Google Business Profile homepage, and click “Manage Now” to create a Google My Business account. On the next page, enter a business name and continue. After that, you’ll be asked to choose your business type. Then you can add your business website. If you don’t have one, you can skip this step. Next, you’ll be asked to enter a business category. You can edit or add more later if you’re unhappy with your selection. Add your address next and pin-drop your location on the provided map. To complete your details, add a phone number. When you’re done, you’ll confirm your information. From Google My Business sign-in, you can edit, update, and track everything that’s going on with your business. 

Benefits of setting up GMB

Many benefits are associated with setting up a Google My Business account. Let’s explore just a few of them. 

  • Low-cost Marketing: When you register a Google My Business account, you can create a listing that showcases your business information and contact information for free.
  • Customized Digital Assets: Your listing and reviews can be customized with your logo and other digital assets. You can also include photos, a description, and more. 
  • In-Depth Analytics: Don’t just post information to your listings and reviews; use the insights provided by Google My Business management to get a clearer picture of your online presence. With granular information on page views, click-through rates, and more, you can optimize your digital assets, streamline your marketing efforts, and improve your bottom line. 
  • Security: Google My Business uses a verified account system, so you know that your account information is secure. You can also keep your account private, so only people with your permission can access it.
  • Customized Marketing: With a GMB account, you can tailor your marketing approach to your specific business. Including the types of services you offer, prices you charge, and much more. Doing this improves the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and makes it more relevant to your customers. 
  • Online Presence: Many small businesses struggle to create a lasting online presence. With a Google My Business account, quickly build a presence on the web and get recognized.
  • Generate More Leads: With a GMB account, people can find you online. This means that they have a chance of finding you and potentially becoming customers. Google My Business also lets you customize your listings, allowing you to add information like telephone numbers, driving directions, and more. Using gmb optimization, take this to the next level with targeted SEO.
  • Enhance Your Search Rankings: To be at the top of the search page, your content needs to be considered significant. And the best way to ensure this is to have your business listed on Google Maps. This way, you can add information like your address and phone number to appear alongside your listing. So add Google My Business to improve your search rankings and make you more visible to Google.

Final touch

Ensure your Google My Business account is successful with these tips. Make sure you update your business information as often as possible and review any bad reviews you may receive. If you’re not getting a lot of reviews, you could consider paying for an account upgrade. If your business information is incorrect, you could miss out on a lot of Google search engine traffic and online customers looking for a business by name. Stay on top of any new trends or laws related to your business by signing up for Google alerts. 

Are you using GMB? Let us know any tips or tricks about making the most of this effective marketing solution in the comments!