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How to find a smartboard that is good for business?


Smartboards were not used primarily in the education sector. Rather they were included in the mainstream of training by businesses as only they could afford the technology in the 1980s. According to a survey conducted in 2002, $3.5 billion was spent by US corporate houses on CBI or computer-based training. This is ironic that now corporate houses have to comb the market for a smartboard that is best suited for their businesses.

Now, the scenario has changed altogether. Teachers work with IWBs for years. They have become proficient enough to understand which feature of the smartboard can be used for delivering a concept for maximum comprehension. For this, they calibrate audio with notes, display ppts, and animated pie charts and graphs, share notes with children, etc.

Why businesses face challenges in operating IWBs?

Corporate house trainers’ approach, motivation, and goals while using smartboards for training are different. First of all, they cannot invest as much time as teachers do because of the industry’s dynamic nature.

It takes time to develop skills in a new technology

If you have not worked with an IWB before, you might be knowing how much time and energy it takes for people to develop it. We become perfect at something when we do it daily. Einstein was not wrong when he said that excellence is not an isolated act but a habit. Trainers at businesses are not just dedicated to training only. They have to take care of their respective primary job profiles. Training is just an aspect of it.

Suppose we compare the upcoming generation taught with whiteboards with the previous generations who did not have access to such technology. The latter face more challenges while operating a new tech initially. Therefore, businesses ought to make smartboard comparison to find out which model is ideal for them.

What smartboard market has to offer to businesses?

New technology can become relevant for many sectors. For instance, people can see the potential in blockchain technology to exploit it for their exclusive use. Similarly, businesses can choose a smartboard from a plethora of models that are available in the market. But, what features should a smartboard come installed with to become suitable for corporates?

Three questions to ask before purchasing a whiteboard for your business

1.      Does your business really need a smartboard?

Companies whose employees are working from remote locations can use these collaborative tools for better communication and presentation. Enterprises also need to identify whether they really need smartboards or not. In fact, IWB’s interactive features can increase levels of creativity among peers. Industries where innovation is a tool for collaboration. Your team can use the technology for their benefit, such as: –

  • Architects can save time spent on commutation to the workplace, work without any distraction with tools he is comfortable with at home, and share revised designs in real-time without hassle.
  •  The graphic designing team can produce favourable results through speedy feedback and revisions.
  • Engineers and data analytics experts can do presentations in innovative ways.

Is chosen smartboard easy to access?

Leaders and managers need to chalk out the features that they are going to use frequently. They need to do some research, watch introductory videos, and perform trials on various models of smartboards to confirm whether that model is fit to use. They should always keep in mind that all the features are easy to access and understand. So, the device should be able to perform the following functions: –

  • Write with or without a stylus
  • The device is easily connecting with other remote devices
  • It is integrated with the internal network of the company
  • Content is uploaded and displayed remotely by multiple collaborators

Is introducing smartboard technology cost-effective for your business?

It is a sacred principle of every industry that every investment shall have a profitable turnaround. It is important for corporate houses to find out an IWB that is cost-effective and does the work for them. Companies want to purchase equipment that has a high ROI or Return on Investment ratio. So, you are looking for an easily available and affordable IWB with fewer limitations. Purchasing a smartboard is not enough. You will also have to look out for a dealer that provides affordable licensing of software to be used and with discounts on additional purchases and initial support.