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How to Fix Blurry Camera of your Phone?

There are times when your phone starts taking blurry pictures, there can be different reasons for it. The lenses of the camera can be stuck or there could be a physical or liquid damage on your phone. Now the question is how to fix this issue?

The issue can resolve if you restart or force close the camera app. You can try clearing your cache as well. But here we will tell you another way to fix the blurry camera.

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You can turn the phone around and open the camera app. Tap the screen and focus the camera where you want it to focus. This will usually resolve the issue. If it has not, shake your phone and then tap again.

So yes when your camera takes blurry pictures you can try the troubleshooting steps but before that do try these basic things like tapping the camera or shaking the phone, most probably it would work. The camera issue is usually not related with the hardware inside the phone.

Also if you have a foggy front camera you can apply a bit soap over it using a slightly wet cloth. Then you must dry it and start taking pictures again. It will most probably not take blurry pictures anymore.