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How to Use Link Building and avoid Google Penalties like panda and penguin

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Link building is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique, which involves the inclusion of links to increase inbound traffic to a web page. Through link building, several related websites can be interconnected. Also, search engines can analyze these links to evaluate how relevant a page is to a specific context or search keyword. All this is really important to gain traffic but for traffic conversion there are more strategies that can be utilized ( Read more about Traffic conversion)

Avoid link schemes:

There has been a recent crackdown conducted by Google in the context of link building. Search engine optimization involves complex algorithms that can be bypassed or can also be manipulated, giving rise to undesirable or irrelevant results. One of the key factors that can be used to manipulate the search engine rank of a page is the set of links to that page. The term “link scheme” was introduced to describe this practice. A “link scheme” essentially involves using irrelevant links to manipulate the rank of a web page on the search engine. The Google Penalty has resulted in major businesses sustaining financial losses for not adhering to Google Webmaster guidelines. Internal links plays a vital role in search rankings as well (Read more about importance of internal links)

Track your backlinks:

However, link building can be sustained as a good SEO practice by following a few basic principles and guidelines. For example, Google Webmaster tools are well-equipped to return a complete profile of backlinks to a particular web page. By conducting a thorough audit of the links and by taking necessary corrective measures, link building can be sustained as an exercise. For example, links in footers of sites, in sites reported for viruses or malware, or in pages involving blackhat SEO tactics, need to be dealt with immediately.

Content curation:

Content curation and checking for relevance is an essential phase of link building. Broken links should be either removed or amended immediately. Any irrelevant link should be removed to avoid irrelevance or spam.

Avoid link building networks:

Another aspect that Google penalized was the use of link building networks. Innumerable sites have been penalized for participating in link building networks in an attempt to improve their search engine ranks. Overuse of links in the sidebar is yet another technique that Google has reportedly disapproved of. To avoid the penalty, it is best not to include any irrelevant link in the sidebar.

Do not use repetitive anchor text or keywords:

One should also be very careful while building anchor repetitive anchor text and keywords, as even these are under Google’s scanner. As an alternative, it is a good idea to focus on the brand name and vary the anchor text as much as possible. It is advisable to maximize the concentration of links where the brand name is included in the anchor text. Excessive concentration of keywords is definitely not a viable option.

Be prudent and proactive!

The best solution to avoid Google penalties, therefore, is to remain proactive and prudent. One should carefully analyze one’s link profile and remove any irrelevant link that causes the page to be penalized. Even if a site survives on purchased links, it is best to change that immediately and have the links removed promptly. Retaining any inappropriate or unnatural links would cause a site to run the risk of being penalized.


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