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HTC could soon introduce a flagship smartphone

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Some recent pieces of information suggest that HTC could be working on a new smartphone. It’s been quite long since HTC last introduced its flagship in the market i.e., back in 2018. Since then the company has not introduced a flagship device. However, things now appear to change with the release of the HTC U23 Pro.

Back in early 2010, HTC was considered a titan in the smartphone industry. It was among the first companies that introduced a smartphone with a full metal unibody and front-facing speakers. But as that decade came to a close, its appeal faded, and Samsung and Motorola, among other Android manufacturers, overtook it. Given these facts, the company has adopted the policy of a few releases. This has not been successful in grabbing traction from the audience.

HTC might be making the HTC U23 Pro

Well, all the pieces of evidence are basically leaked information. A new Geekbench listing indicates that a new HTC flagship could be in the works. One of the notable facts about this listing is that it includes the ‘U’ label. It is the same moniker that has been used by the company for its previous flagship smartphones. since the source of this recent information is the Geekbench listing, so there are not many details about the exact specs of the upcoming device.

The device has been listed as the HTC U23 Pro. It is based on an Octa-Core SoC. There’s no information about the storage. However, the listing indicates that the device will feature 11.09GB of RAM. This equals 12GB of RAM. Well, if the device has appeared in the Geekbench listing, then there is a possibility that the smartphone is in the production phase.

In addition to this, if HTC introduces its smartphone in 2023, then the device would face strong competition from other flagships like Nothing Phone (2), the iPhone 15, or the Pixel 8 series. For this reason, the company needs to make its upcoming device outstanding that stand out from the competition. In this way, HTC might have a chance to reclaim its grandeur.

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