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HTC Smartphone President Resigns

The HTC president for the phone and connected devices business Chialin Chang has resigned. He was the CFO of HTC in the years 2013-2017. Also, he was heads of global sales of HTC and clearly the last of the top-notch executives who was still part of the company. Now he too is separating his path from HTC.

His position seemed useless as HTC sold almost all of its smartphone design and engineering team to Google. HTC for $1.1 billion gave its team to Google.

The reason for the resignation of Chialin Chang is not clear but as per sources, he has resigned because of his personal carrier plan. It indicates that Chang does not want to lead a dying company.

As for the smartphone market of HTC, it has not completely ended its business. It is expected that HTC will launch HTC U12 sometime in 2018. It will be a dual-camera flagship phone by HTC.

What we know yet is that HTC will not launch HTC U12 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that will start from Monday, February 26th. We might see HTC releasing HTC U12 somewhere around March or April.

MWC Event

Talking more about the upcoming Mobile World Congress, we can expect 5g technology to be the pivotal point of the whole event. Furthermore, it is expected that many smartphone giants will launch their new flagships at the event. Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to unveil at the event. Nokia is all set to launch Nokia 9. Blackberry will introduce a couple of new phones in 2018. We can expect at least one of them to launch at the MWC 2018. LG G7 might not launch at the show but rumor is that LG will launch an update new version of V30. It will have AI features & its name will probably be “V30+’α’”.

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