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Huawei Connect 2017: The Biggest Digital Transformation Event Has Started

Huawei is hosting its biggest Digital Transformation Event “Huawei Technologies Connect” in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The event is about displaying innovative geospatial solutions for smarter cities, digitalizing banking, digital marketing & transformation, AR/VR and Wearables and much more.  It is a three-day event from September 5th to September 7th.

On the first day the theme of the event will be Grow with the Cloud: Enabling an Intelligent World & Huawei Cloud: Bridging the Present & Future.

On the second day, the theme will be Connectivity + Cloud: Faster Digitalization and Huawei Cloud: Technology & Product Innovation.

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On the third day the theme is Global Platform, Win-Win Ecosystem, Digitalization: Shaping the Future of Tomorrow Today, Together: Dream Bigger, Fly Higher, and finally Panel Discussion: AI Ecosystem.

Those who want to be part of this event can apply online as well as apply on site and experience latest innovative technology trends.

Register via this link


They will be able to gain business ideas, engage with potential customers and interact face to face with the best tech experts.



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