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Huawei Giving Away Smartphones In The U.S. As a Joke

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Black Friday is the biggest holiday of capitalism, since the advent of e-commerce, it is also global. But some people are also critical of this bargain hunt, and Huawei is currently proving that you can also exercise political criticism on the occasion of Black Friday.

Because the Chinese manufacturer caused a stir yesterday with a simple tweet. Because the social media team from Huawei USA announced a “Black Friday special”. The highlight of this special offer was a “100 percent discount on all phones we currently sell in the US”. That basically meant giving away all of your smartphones effectively.

What you are not allowed to sell cannot be given away

Or rather, would give it away. Because as attentive observers of the current economy and politics certainly know, “currently selling in the US” is the crucial point. Because Huawei does not currently sell any smartphones in the USA. The reason for this is the still applicable trade embargo or sales ban that Donald Trump has imposed as US President and which will be upheld under his successor Joe Biden.

An upside-down laughing emoji was also attached to the tweet, so you could see that this was an ironic to cynical tweet. However, some did not realize this and wanted to know where to find this action, some also complained angrily about it. As a result, Huawei USA had to resolve the funny tweet itself or explain it: “Okay, folks. It’s just a joke. We can’t sell anything in the USA.”

A change in this “outlaw” status is not to be expected. Because even if President Biden doesn’t rumble as loudly as his predecessor in office: Nothing will change about the Huawei ban. On the contrary: just a week ago the president signed a law that further cemented the exclusion of companies like Huawei from the US market.