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Huawei Honor 7X to receive face unlock soon

Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand has confirmed that the new Honor 7X is all set to receive a facial recognition and unlocking feature. During the press release, Huawei has confirmed that the company will release the feature to Huawei Honor 7X phones in the coming software update.

If you carry Honor 7X then it is a major update for you, now you can set the phone to unlock it when you look at it. Don’t worry it wouldn’t compromise your security, no one can unlock it while showing your face to your phone while you are asleep.

While mid-range Honor 7X in limited-edition red color was being announced the company also announced face unlock feature for all devices.

The new limited edition is packed with 18:9 FHD+ display with 2160×1080 pixels resolution, the phone is equipped with dual cameras and a large battery only for $199.99. The company says this is the first time a phone with this price tag is going to receive a facial recognition.

All the Honor 7X including Red variant will get air firmware with facial recognition which is quite similar to the OnePlus 5T’s face-unlock feature. Honor 7X, however, doesn’t have the True-depth camera and biometric sensors like iPhone X. It uses the front camera to recognize the face and unlock the phone, pretty much like OnePlus 5T implementation.

However, it is not as secure as the fingerprint scan or Apple’s Face ID is, it is good to use for your own convenience. The company did not mention the specific date for the roll out but it’s just around the corner could be anytime during the first quarter 2018. The Red variant will also be launched well before Valentine’s day.