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Huawei license Samsung to utilize main 5G technologies


Concerning the global smartphone market, Huawei was a real risk to the dominance of Samsung. Whereas a few years ago a ban by the US was imposed on Huawei’s smartphones. Followed by this ban, a trade ban on companies was also imposed by the US. It indicated that the company couldn’t use key technologies produced by US-based companies. As of now, the company has licensed its major mobile and wireless technologies with other brands. Samsung is one of the brand partners.

A week ago, a cross-license agreement was announced between OPPO and Huawei. It is comprised of audio-video codecs, 5G, and Wi-Fi. In addition to this, Huawei declared that various key 5G technologies have been licensed to Samsung Electronics. However, no official word has been shared about the specifications of patents. The patents could be linked to 5G patents connected to Samsung Networks’ telecom infrastructure or 5G modems inside Samsung’s mobile devices. Whereas no response from Samsung was given to Nikkei concerning the deal between Huawei and Samsung Electronics.

Almost 20 different firms have licensed patents and technologies by Huawei. Samsung and OPPO are also included in this list. As per reports, the revenue of Huawei by patent licensing ranged between $1.2 billion and $1.3 billion from 2019 to 2021. In terms of smartphone sales as well as revenue, Samsung is the biggest brand among other partner brands of Huawei.

Huawei mentioned that it is devoted to long-term investments in research and development. Thus, improving its IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio. In 2021 at the China National Intellectual Property Administration and the European Patent Office, Huawei was the top-ranked company in receiving patents. However, it ranked on number fifth in the US for receiving patent wins. Around 55% of Huawei employees are dedicated to the research and development section.