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Huawei Mate 30 series EMUI 11 update brings large file transfer and smart payment

Huawei yesterday rolled out the EMUI version update to Mate30/Mate30 Pro/Mate30 RS Porsche Design devices, but first receivers were the first batch of users who successfully registered for the EMUI11.0 internal test. The update package is about 630M in size.

Suitable for the following models:

Mate30 ( 4G ) full Netcom version TAS-AL00

Mate30(4G) mobile customized version TAS-TL00

Mate30 (5G) full Netcom version TAS-AN00

Mate30 Pro (4G) full Netcom version LIO-AL00

Mate30 Pro (4G) mobile customized version LIO-TL00

Mate30 Pro (5G) full Netcom version LIO-AN00

Mate30 RS Porsche LIO-AN00P

This update adds a large file flash transfer function and smart payment incorporates the November 2020 security patch and fixes the problem that the WeChat clone cannot be selected when sharing.

Leveraging the 5G network, Huawei Changlian Large File Flash Transfer can realize the remote transmission of large files. The transfer can be resumed at breakpoints. The fastest transfer of 1GB of large files takes only 31 seconds. It is currently the world’s fastest long-distance large file transfer application.

It is understood that “Smart Payment” can be opened by searching for “Smart Payment” on the desktop, and users can set it as the default payment method. When using it, you only need to point the main desktop of the mobile phone to the scanning device and keep a distance of 15 cm to automatically recognize the pop-up payment code and complete the payment.