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Huawei Mate X foldable Smartphone release date Screen and design unveiled

Huawei is all set to showcase its 5G foldable phone during the special MWC event in February 2019.

According to the latest report Huawei has provided finished product to some Korean carriers instead of a prototype, which means the company is all set to launch the product but there is still time to get your hands on the new device.

According to the local media reports, Huawei has already pitched a finished Mate X foldable device to mobile carriers, the insider told it wasn’t a prototype or concept device rather it was a genuine finished product.

Huawei has plans to officially announce Huawei Mate X during the Mobile World Congress MWC in February 2019. The company is reportedly vending foldable displays from Chinese BOE.

The internal specifications are not confirmed yet but we have details about the screen size and some renders which unveils the entire design of the phone. The screen is 5-inches when folded and 8-inches when unfolded; the screen is a bit larger than Samsung foldable phone by 0.4-inches and 0.7-inches respectively.

Since the previous reports indicate that Huawei will launch its first 5G phone during the first half of 2019, it is also expected that 5G will be commercialized in Korea, America, Japan, China and in some parts of Europe in the first half of 2019.

After Huawei officially announces the Foldable device at the MWC event in February the phone is expected to launch by the end of March or April.

Huawei Mate X foldable phone Video

Here are the design, screen, and dimensions of Huawei Mate X foldable phone.