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Huawei Might Soon Ditch Kirin Chips and Switch to Snapdragon Chips

Since Huawei is running out of Kirin Chips, the next line of Huawei P50 series might come with Snapdragon chips.


Huawei has been working on its new flagship, the P50 series. The series was supposed to have been released as of now. But we know the company has been facing a tough time since its relations with the USA.

Huawei even tried to resolve the issues with the new US government, but we haven’t heard of any good news for the company. This ongoing issue is one of the reasons behind this delay in launching the P50 series.

Previously, the P50 series was supposed to come with Kirin 5G chips and the company had a huge inventory of them. But now the company is running out of stock is worried about the launch of the P50 series.

According to some reports, Huawei might release one of the P50 devices in September 2021. That could be the base-level smartphone and might come equipped with a Qualcomm processor. The first batch might even feature the Snapdragon 888 processor, having the SD888 4G version.

According to one other source, the P50 Pro model could come in August 2021 with Kirin 9000 processor. However, the company would switch to a Snapdragon chipset by the end of the year (due to a shortage of Kirin chips from their inventory). We didn’t hear anything about the P50 Pro+ model.