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Huawei Pay introduces touch payment

As mobile manufacturers and tech companies are launching their very own payment solutions Huawei is also working on smartphone payment system, popular payments systems launched previously are Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Huawei has now launched a new payment system for Huawei smartphones, all you need is NFC enabled Huawei smartphone to use this payment method. Huawei has made it even easier to pay with ‘touch’.

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You just have to take the NFC enabled Huawei phone near the NFC tag to make the payment. Huawei has also released a demo video of how “Huawei Pay” works, the demo video shows that if you have an NFC enabled Huawei phone you will take it near to the NFC tag, the Huawei pay app will open up automatically and give you the option to enter the amount you have to pay, after entering the amount you just have to authenticate the payment with your fingerprint and you’re done.

The entire process of making payment takes no more than 30 seconds, Huawei has also made it easier to implement Huawei Pay for merchants, you do not need to buy any POS machines, code scanning guns or tills to implement Huawei Pay, all you have to do is open up an online smartphone acquiring service.

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The president of Huawei smartphone product line, He Gang, said, “Tough payment will soon be available for pilot tests in major cities, Huawei will become the first mobile phone manufacturer in China to offer ‘touch’ mobile flash payment system.