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Huawei plans to surpass Apple in a year or two claims CEO

There is no doubt that Huawei has gained much popularity in the recent years, the company is currently standing at the 3rd place on the list of world’s largest mobile company. Samsung is the world’s largest mobile company followed by Apple.

So there no doubt either that Huawei will surpass Apple in the next 2 to 4 years and becomes the second largest global smartphone manufacturer the way it’s heading towards the success. However, Huawei’s smartphone business is growing faster than its rivals Samsung and Apple.

The company has recently announced its new revolutionary Matebook X Pro and Huawei P20 is also in the pipeline scheduled to be launched on March 27. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu has confidently claimed that Huawei P20 would be better than Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X in the market.

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This is an extraordinary statement made by the CEO while talking to media at the MWC 2018 he also said that Huawei is all set to surpass Apple in the next few years. The subsequent statement could be taken lightly because Huawei is already quite close to Apple in terms of the largest mobile manufacturer but the claim is quite daunting that iPhone X will be beaten by new Huawei P20, However the CEO didn’t discuss the details of P20 but it is more likely that Huawei P20 will be much cheaper than iPhone X which currently carries a price tag of $999.

While talking about Huawei P20, Yu Said, “We will have some very big, bold innovation on camera technology, it will be much much better than all the phones, maybe I not not humble but ours is better, it’s not just a little bit better but much better.”

The recent leaks about Huawei P20 Pro suggest the phone will sport the triple camera setting at the rear, the phone is also said to have prominent features. Samsung is the market leader currently, Apple comes at number 2 but Huawei is not a globally popular brand as these two, Huawei is also restricted to enter the US market. The barriers to growth can cause trouble for Huawei to surpass Apple in the next year or two as the CEO claims.

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