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Huawei is the second most prevalent cell phone maker

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An attendant displays a Huawei Technologies Co. Ascend Mate7 smartphone at the Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) in Chiba, Japan, on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. Huawei, Chinas biggest maker of phone-network equipment, said it plans to overtake Apple Inc. in the world smartphone market in the coming two to three years as it introduces new technologies. Photographer: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

China’s Huawei has taken over Apple as the second most prevalent cell phone maker on the planet in worldwide unit deals in June-July 2017, The Verge announced.

It is second just to Samsung, and an investigation by Counterpoint Research asserts its surge in deals is because of predictable interest in innovative work and assembling, and also forceful and imaginative advertising methods.

Nonetheless, the information demonstrates that Huawei still has a powerless nearness in South Asian and North American markets which “restricts Huawei’s capability to the close to-mid-term to take a manageable second place position behind Samsung,” as indicated by Counterpoint Research.

Huawei’s a popular cell phone maker brand but the position might be displaced by Apple iPhone launching soon

The cell phone maker is most famous in China, trailed by Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, The Verge cited Counterpoint Research as saying.  The report further adds, “Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have successfully gained access to key supply chain partners, which has allowed them to launch designs with bezel-free, full displays, Augmented Reality, in-house chipsets and advanced camera features that have kept them toe-to-toe with rivals. These players have become as equally important as Samsung or Apple to the global supply chain, application developers and distribution channels, as they continue to grow in scale more rapidly than the incumbent market share leaders.”

However, Apple continued to drive its flagship momentum with iPhone 7 & 7 Plus; still the world’s best-selling models. OPPO has been one of the fastest growing brands globally thanks to the popularity of models including the flagship OPPO R11 and the mid-tier OPPO A57 that captured third and fourth spots respectively.

With the arrival of the new iPhone practically around the bend, nonetheless, it is normal that Apple will recover the second spot on worldwide deals rankings in September.

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Image via Fortune