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Huawei To Launch Notebook With Almost No Bezels: A Floating Display

Floating Display

Huawei wants to present a new high-end notebook very soon, which should stand out from the competition with even thinner display edges. Allegedly, the panel should practically be like “floating Display” due to the further improved design.

This probably means that the edges of the new MateBook laptop from Huawei should be so narrow that the user gets the impression when looking at the screen that the screen is no longer held by a frame. From a purely technical point of view, this should of course hardly be possible with a notebook with a 13- or 14-inch display, but it seems certain that Huawei wants to stand out from the crowd with its design.

Is it a new Matebook Pro?

It would be conceivable that the new Huawei laptop with “floating” or “levitation” display is a device from the highly-priced MateBook Pro series, as the source of this rumor expressly refers to a resolution in the “3K” range speaks. Huawei recently introduced several generations of its MateBook Pro, which uses displays with a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels and bezels that are only a few millimeters wide. Whether the edges around the display of the new Huawei laptop will actually be “thin as a razor blade”, as the source from China promises, will be revealed on August 19, 2020, because then the Chinese company will allegedly present the device for the first time. Whether and how Huawei will take certain measures to make the edges around the screen extremely narrow without affecting the stability and resilience of the actual screen is still open.

With current notebook displays, it is common to continue to rely on largely rigid materials as the basis for panel production. The extreme flexibility or flexibility of many OLED panels from the smartphone sector has so far only rarely been achieved with laptop displays, but with the introduction of the first devices with foldable screens it should soon become a reality with such devices.