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Huawei Wireless Charging Board Now Gets Bigger and Better

Huawei is soon releasing its new wireless charging board, supporting up to three devices at a time.

Huawei Multi Device Charging Board

A few years ago, we couldn’t even imagine wirelessly charging our smartdevices. And today, it’s not a big deal. Although still new, but these smart charges are now selling like hot cake. That brings us to Huawei’s multi-device smart wireless charger. It’s the company’s latest development in the wireless charging domain and it comes for $124.

This new wireless charger is a little different from those already selling in the market. It’s not just a charger, but a charging board.

Huawei Multiple Wireless Charger

As evident from the image, you can charge up to three devices at a time with this Huawei charging board.

If we go for its specifications, the charging board supports a 15W (x3) large charging area, meaning every slot charges a device with 15W fast charging.

This device primarily is for Huawei’s own products. But it also supports devices supporting the Qi protocol. For such devices, the power is reduced to 10W.

Another feature of this multi-charging board is its ability to sense items places on it. So if you place a coin or a key on the charging area, it would automatically turn on its charge-off protection mode.

In addition to this, this charging board also saves your devices from overcharging. The charger will automatically enter the trickle charging mode when the battery is close to full.

In China, the company is selling this charging board for 700 yuan (close to $124) and will be available for pre-order from September 10th.