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Hyundai Mobis introduces fog-free headlamps

Kia Sedan K9 equipped with Fog-free headlamps

Hyundai Mobis has partnered with Initz which is a subsidiary of SK Chemicals in order to develop a new material that can utterly eliminate the headlamp fog collects in winter on the light for the first time in the world.

The company has announced yesterday, June 24 that it has developed a new material for fog lamps in collaboration with Initz, the material is specifically designed to protect headlamp from collecting fog.

The company has already started installing the new headlamps in Hyundai and Kia Cars which includes Santa Fe, Veloster, K5, K7 and K9.

Hyundai Mobis was able to develop the new material after a long research and development efforts. During the initial phase, the company has developed into a fogging tester which confirms the gas generation in the lamp parts in a high-temperature environment.

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The automotive industry standard for testing is the maximum of 150 degrees Celsius. However, they could not produce the internal environment within the headlamp where the temperature rose to 200 to 250 degrees.

Currently, the new tester has been recognized by the company to be technologically fit, Hyundai Motor Nanyang institute has asked the company to share the tester with them. It took nine months for the company to produce the right material mix of plastics as well as two months to design the new material, the official said. The official also said that we might have to go back to our sketching board after the performance of plastic compound did not satisfy our desired level.