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IBM Is The Oldest Tech Company That Exists Today

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The tech industry is an ever-changing and volatile business industry, many companies and startups fail within one to three years of their inception, according to Forbes, 90% of startups fail and only 10% of surviving this critical technology industry.

IBM is one of the oldest technology companies which exist today, IBM is currently running operations in 170 countries across the globe, and the company is valued at $112.5 billion and generates annual revenues of $80 billion reported back in 2018.

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IBM 108 Years Old

The oldest tech company on the Globe, IBM is older than a century, 108 years in the business makes it the most experienced and oldest company within the tech industry today. The second oldest media and technology company that exists today is Disney, the company is nearly a century old with just four years behind, Disney will hit the century benchmark after 4 years, and currently Disney is 96 years old company, Bloomberg reported. The third oldest company is Hewlett-Packard (HP), HP is 80 years old company. After then you have a list of companies including Intel 51 years, Microsoft 44 years, Apple 43 years, Amazon 25 years, Netflix 22 years, Google 21 years, Tesla 16 years, Facebook 15 years, Twitter 13 years and Uber 10 years.