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In 2025, Samsung is set to introduce new blue phosphorescent OLED screens

According to some recent information shared by The Elec, the South Korean tech firm Samsung is working on introducing a new blue phosphorescent OLED panel in 2025. In contrast to this information, the debut of this panel was expected in 2024. However, it now seems like the development process is not streamlined.

Currently, the company is using phosphorescent green and red sub-pixels for its display technology. Compared to this, the blue diodes are still bound with fluorescent. Technically, they can’t be referred to as PHOLED. Whereas the blue fluorescent diodes peak at 25%, the new phosphorescent LEDs give 100% internal luminous efficiency.

Well, if the company is successful with its new approach, then it will significantly improve power efficiency. One important thing to consider here is that, as compared to the fluorescent blue diodes, the lifespan of the blue phosphorescent diodes is about 55%. It is a major limitation. For this reason, some experts consider that the company won’t be able to use this technology in commercial products in 2025. Whatever the scenario may be,

Samsung will be the first company to mass-produce the PHOLED panels. In this way, Samsung will take a big part of the market advantage in the next years with its continuous Research and Development practices. We hope that the company eliminates all the limitations and comes up with an effective approach that should be convenient to adopt.