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India Asks Microsoft For Discounts On Windows—In the Wave of New Global Cyber Attacks

India presses Microsoft for heavy discount, one time deal for more than 50 million Windows users in India, so the windows can be upgraded to latest Windows 10 in the rise of “Petya” WannaCry Ransomware attack which stressed hundreds of Multinationals a week ago.

According to Reuters, Microsoft’s spokesperson in India refused to comment on the story, whereas India’s cyber security coordinator Gulshan Rai told that, “India is actually seeking for discounts from Microsoft and pushing for the deal.”

Quite limpid if Microsoft agrees with such kind of deal with India then, it might start receiving requests from other countries around the world where WannaCry has penetrated and affected the institutions. According to Rai, Indian government was talking to Microsoft management team in the country.

Rai also confirmed that India has started these talks with Microsoft after the Ransomware attack in last month, the talks got more weightage after the fresh attack which is dubbed as “NotPetya” by many cyber experts. Latest attack said to be exploited the loopholes in Windows that were older.

The details of reduced prices on Windows is not confirmed yet but Indian government is expecting Microsoft to offer the Windows at throw away prices—said Rai.

“It will be one-time upgrade to windows 10 at discounted price for the entire country” said Rai, who was made cyber security chief of the country by Indian Prime Minister.

Rai said, government has been helping its offices and local companies to get secure from the cyber-attack since the wave started few months ago, Government has cooperated with banks to upgrade ATM systems from Windows XP including security patches released by Microsoft after WannaCry last month.