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Inflation: Riot Games raises prices for microtransactions in League

Inflation and economic crisis have the world firmly in its grip. After falling crypto coins, two more fantasy currencies are now being hit, but this time things are going up: the cost of in-game purchases in League of Legends is increasing, as Riot Games has now announced. Before that, however, there are still two weeks with discounts.

Inflation reaches Runeterra

On August 19, 2022, prices for RP and TFT coins in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics will be “adjusted,” as the developer diplomatically put it. What is meant, however, is consistent price increases – worldwide. The reasons are diverse, Riot Games tries to list them themselves.

On the one hand, there is global inflation, there are currency fluctuations and there is also a desire to keep fair prices between and within the different regions. This refers, for example, to the relationship between prices in Europe and the US – since the euro is at the lowest level in 20 years listed, US players are currently theoretically paying higher prices.

The prices of RP and TFT Coins will increase in most Riot regions to account for global inflation, currency movements, maintaining fair prices across and within regions, consistency between our products, and other associated cost increases. While our annual price reviews often lead to changes in just a handful of regions, this year’s analysis revealed economic shifts on a global scale, hence the global impact.

This in turn suggests that Riot Games is raising prices in this country; But that’s not the case at all: The six separate packs of in-game currency are about 9.8 percent more expensive in both euros and US dollars. In British pounds that is even 10.9 percent. However, higher costs were also taken into account, the developer notes, without being specific.

Ultimately, it’s also about consistency with other productions in the portfolio – presumably, the tactical shooter Valorant is meant. It is not yet known whether his in-game currency, called Valorant Points, will also become more expensive. In any case, current inflation is knocked out at around 9.8 percent – ​​even adjusted for inflation, the costs are going up as a result. In any case, there’s one more customer-friendly tweak: from now on, it will ensure that a champion skin for 1,350 RP can be purchased in a single transaction with the least amount of waste, according to Riot Games.

Discount promotion and Game Pass as an alternative

Before the prices increase, the developer entices you with two discount weeks: from July 14 to July 31, players will receive double bonus coins for every purchase – not the full amount of currency purchased is doubled, but only the corresponding amount with which Pack size increasing ace bonus. A possible way out for those who mainly want to buy can be found in Game Pass: Games from Riot Games were only included in the game subscription from Microsoft at the beginning of June. In the case of League of Legends, subscribers get access to all champions – they even have to be bought with RP.