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Instagram Brings ‘Direct Messages’ Feature To The Web

For a while now, Instagram users have been able to view photos and stories on the web but the new update to the online app now adds direct messages. 

That means you can slip right into your web browser in and out of your Insta DMs, without touching your screen. Based on the official tweet announcing the launch, the feature looks as if it’s live for everyone around the world right now.

If you’re new to the whole Instagram-on – the-web experience, you need to open the site here and then log in using credentials from your account. Tap on the little paper aeroplane icon in the top right to reach your DMs.

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You can start new conversations, carry on old ones, send pictures from your screen and switch to your friends ‘profiles. All on your phone syncs to the web, as you’d imagine.

Insta on the web

For Instagram now able to give you updates on the internet, just about the only thing you can’t do is upload new images to your stream or story via a browser – that is only limited to smartphone devices for now. 

You can discover what’s going on around the Instagram network, check your account-related behavior, start following people and stop following them … So manage your direct messages, and party calls, too.

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Most smartphone devices now have at least a small presence on the web too – for example, you can check your Facebook news feed or send messages from WhatsApp. Snapchat and TikTok are two exceptions both of which remain very mobile-only.

As for Instagram, it has also been experimenting with a new dark mode lately, as well as improvements to the main feed order, and a feature to see the Instagram users you’re communicating with the least.

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