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Instagram: The Most Dangerous App For The Health Of Youngsters

As per our elders, the cause of every health issue from depression to stomach ache is awarded to excessive usage of mobile phones. Youngsters can easily roll their eyes on this partiality towards smartphones, but let us look at research based facts.

UCLA’s Brain Mapping Centre conducted a research which proved that Instagram is the most dangerous app for the health of youngsters. When the young generation posts their pictures and videos on Instagram they wish for maximum likes and views. The more they are, the more they feel overwhelmed.  It’s like a feeling of winning money or meeting with loved ones.

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The researchers conducted an experiment in which it was proved that when teenagers post their pictures, the part of their brain connected to rewards gets super active. Being complimented on social media through likes is a huge achievement for them. This reward activation was more apparent in adolescence, which also displays why teens specially are always stuck on their mobile phones.

Report formed by Royal Society for Public Health UK shows that Instagram, followed by Snapchat is the most harmful social media application for the young minds.  They took a survey of 1500 teenagers from 14 to 24 years and measured health problems like anxiety, tension, depression, self-identity and body image.

Youtube topped the list of social media app having a positive impact.  All the others from Facebook to Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter had a negative consequence on healthy minds.

Why Instagram tops the list?

The answer is apparent. An app solely created to post pictures, use editing and Photoshop to create perfection, causes narcissism in the person posting them and inferiority complex in those watching it and wishing for same image.

We need to think and act beyond the shallowness encouraged through these social media apps.