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Instagram live: Save your broadcasts now

Instagram live

Instagram live is a popular feature that the app added last year that enabled live video streaming to followers. The one thing missing in this was the ability to save broadcasts when they were concluded. Today the app has the feature to save streams and broadcasts. This will enable you to save good quality videos for your personal use.

This move puts Instagram live on the level of Periscope by Twitter and Faebook live. Both of these apps enable users to save videos during live broadcasts. When Instagram live came to the audience use the product head Kevin Weil said that the intentional non saving option removes the pressure from users that their videos can be saved forever. The replays it is to be noted do not save the video by default by give the users some peace of mind that their videos will not be permanently online. The video broadcasts can be easily saved by tapping the button on the screen which can be then viewed later on.

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Instagram live allows live broadcasts to followers

The freedom to not have the broadcasts saved provided more expression and less ridicule from the internet. Not everyone has to be embarrassed by what they said in the heat of the moment, but now that is a possibility. The ability to save the live broadcasts will be rolling out today in the version update 10.12. The app can be updated on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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