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Instagram Recent Update Would Display New Posts First

As per some reports, Instagram is working on its feed algorithm that would allow the users to show the most recent news on their home page first. The Instagram update would permit the users to display their New Posts first. The firm has confirmed about this update in a press release.

Back in the year 2016, Instagram announced regarding its feed algorithm that it would show the users the post that they want to see on top of the page. However, the users did not show much enthusiasm for this decision. There had been long calls for the company to bring back the sequential feed or at least provide some option to switch between them as provided by Facebook.  Presently, the company has decided to revert to the feed that would show the new posts first to the users.

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Instagram has confirmed in a press release that it is engaged on the working of its feed algorithm that would ensure that the most recent posts are shown first. Other than this, the user would also get a “New Posts” button. This button would allow the user to choose when the user wishes to refresh the newsfeed. So, instead of automatically refreshing the page, the users could refresh the news feed as per their desire. When the button is clicked, it would take the user to the new posts.

With no clarity, it could be said that when this update would be launching as Instagram has not provided any date. However, this update could be expected soon in the Instagram application.

As per the latest introduced update by the company Instagram now allow users to add Hashtag and Profile Links to their Bios. Because of this new update, Instagram users would now be able to add any link or hashtag to their respective profiles.

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