Instagram’s Reels are becoming better in Europe

The vertically scrolling videos presented on different social media platforms under different names are quite famous these days. The random and disordered nature of these videos makes them attractive to the masses. According to information, Meta will soon introduce a chronological feed for Reels on Instagram. However, the new feature will only debut in Europe.

While scrolling through the Reels on Instagram, users have no idea what will appear next. They end up with some random videos in accordance with their likes and interests. When you’re scrolling through your feed of videos, you never know what you’re going to see next. You’ll be presented with a random feed of videos catered to your tastes and interests. While this is true, you’ll still find some videos off the beaten path.

Instagram will bring a chronological feed to Reels

The vertical-scrolling video feeds are almost identical across different social media platforms. Like other social media platforms, the content that appears in the Reels feed is based on an algorithm. The algorithm is tuned to the type of content a user watches. However, the company is introducing some changes to it in Europe.

In contrast to the content curated by an algorithm, the Reels will now feature a chronological-based feed. It suggests that the Reels will now appear the way they are posted to the app. The chronological feed feature is not only limited to Instagram; it will also be available on Facebook. Users could view Reels from the people they follow. It will be good for users who prefer watching content from the people they follow.

The feature is now rolling out in Europe

Just recently, Europe unveiled a new act termed the Digital Services Act. The act requires that companies must opt out of the personalized algorithms. For providing users with recommended content, the companies utilize the data like user location. Besides this, the companies keenly observe the content watched by any user. Well, this is good and should be introduced to other regions as well since most users will be interested in such features.

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