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Intel CEO Confirms Completion Of Tape-in 7nm Meteor Lake Chip

Intel CEO

At the JP Morgan Global TMC Week event, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger confirmed that the company has completed the “Tape-in” of the 7nm Meteor Lake chip. Before Tape-Out (Tape-Out), it is probably the IP module that completes the design verification stage.

Kissinger frankly said that after 10nm stumbling, 7nm has been fully on the right track. We embrace EUV lithography and make progress every day.

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According to previously announced information, Meteor Lake is Intel’s first-generation 7nm client processor and plans to start shipping in 2023. The 7nm data center processor Granite Rapids will also be delivered in the same year.

In terms of architecture design, Foveros 3D packaging technology is used to facilitate the integration of other processes (it is not easy to say that the nuclear display is not good, and the North Bridge is a TSMC foundry).

As far as the road map is revealed, Meteor Lake may correspond to the 14th generation Core. After the 11th generation Core desktop Rocket Lake, Intel also has 10nm 12th generation Core Alder Lake and 10nm 13th generation Core Raptor Lake. According to ASML, Intel’s 7nm EUV is equivalent to TSMC’s 5nm.

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