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Intel Delays New Graphic Cards Due To Software And Delivery Issues

Intel has again postponed the launch of its first desktop graphics cards, so it is now planning a phased launch. So Intel Arc desktop GPUs should start in Q2, but most products won’t hit the market until later. As Lisa Pearce, Intel’s vice president and general manager of the Visual Compute Group recently spoke in a blog post and announced that the US group’s new Arc graphics cards will initially only be launched in China, where they will initially be sold in the form of the entry-level Intel Arc 3 series only to Chinese system builders and PC manufacturers. manufacturers.

Spill instead of blocks

Only later will the introduction of the more powerful and thus more expensive models of the Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7 series begin, which will then be gradually made available to the private customer market and global customers. Currently, Intel expects to launch the better GPU models “later this summer,” according to the company. Intel cites software development issues as the reason for the delay in launching its first desktop and mobile GPUs over many years. Apparently, there are some problems to finish the drivers on time with a high enough quality. In addition, there would be difficulties in producing the newly developed chips in sufficient quantities, with Intel only talking about “supply chain problems”.

So far, the first new additional graphics chips from Intel are only available in the form of laptop versions and are installed exclusively by Samsung in finished devices. However, there is also a limitation: the Korean electronics giant offers the notebooks equipped with the new chips only in its home country, so the quantities will probably be relatively small. Intel released a roadmap a few months ago, according to which laptop versions of the new Intel Arc GPUs should be released in the first quarter before launching desktop versions in the second quarter. It was said at the time that workplace variants were planned for the third quarter. For the above reasons, the schedule is now clearly shifting.