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Intel is Back on Track – The Company will Bulk-produce Better Processors

Intel is coming back to compete with the market. The company intends to open several new facilities to increase its production and provide better-performing processors.

We recently heard that Intel is prepping up to build a new semiconductor manufacturing plant in Europe. The company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said the company is seeking 8 billion euros ($9.7 billion) in public subsidies for this purpose. These will be “advanced chips.”

Gelsinger said in an interview: 

“Our request to the American and European governments is that we can do this here (build a factory) to be more competitive than doing it in Asia”. 

Gelsinger will soon meet Thierry Breton, Commissioner of the European Union’s Internal Market, in Brussels to discuss this proposal.

Previously, we also heard that Intel would be spending $20 billion to build two factories in Arizona. The company’s CEO also announced Intel’s IDM2.0 strategy. The company tends to capture external customers to regain its leading position in the chip manufacturing industry.

The company is also hoping to “make better chips than others.” The company’s CEO motivated its employees by saying that Intel must build better products for the PC ecosystem. The CEO could be referring to Apple’s chips.

Some leaks said that Intel is working on new processors – Tiger Lake-H45 processors – which might arrive later this year. According to sources, these processors will have up to eight cores and would compete with the Ryzen 5000H.